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  • Flo Cycling

    “Our sales happen within a very short period of time, and these other companies we were working with…that didn’t seem to matter to them…With you guys, it’s pivotal. [With Rackspace], we don’t go down, our revenue comes in and our customers stay happy.”

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    Flo Cycling
  • Behance

    “When the team was first formed, there were only two developers…and at the time we really had no idea how to run a server, manage infrastructure, run Apache, any of those very basic things. So we arrived at Rackspace because they had the best service. They had people that were willing to help us and teach us how to do these things. We view Rackspace…as an extension of our team.”

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  • FundApps

    “The number of companies out there that are offering this real hybrid solutions in a way that actually works is very minimal, and Rackspace was definitely the clear winner in terms of looking at who could provide that best of both worlds for us.”

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The Goodie Bag

Rackspace Startup Program

Rackspace Startup Program

We work very closely with a variety of incubators, accelerators, co-working spaces and VCs with special pricing and promotions for our hybrid cloud portfolio – public, private and dedicated bare metal.

Rackspace Startup Program


Rackspace has many other technology brands within our company, including Mailgun, Object Rocket and Airbrake which also offers special startup packages.

Rackspace Startup Program

Developer Tools

SDKs, APIs, and Github Repository – all at your disposal.

Rackspace Startup Program

Migration Services

We move workloads to the cloud everyday. We can definitely help you with yours.

Rackspace Startup Program

Mentoring, Networking & Brainstorming

We love to help – however we can. Whether you want to talk to a support specialist about how we built ‘Fanatical Support’ or an introduction to another startup.

Rackspace Startup Program

Cloud Architectural Planning

We will help you plan, deploy and run a cloud customized just for your app. Need a 1×1 session with an architect? We’ll make it happen.

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